More specific notes will be added to my Google Classroom Notes page as we come across new concepts. These are brief notes designed to help review basic concepts.

CLICK HERE FOR notes that explain conjugation of regular ar-verb-rules

CLICK HERE for review of noun adjective agreement

CLICK HERE for explanation of SUBJECT PRONOUNS in Spanish.

CLICK HERE for video explanation of Spanish subject pronouns.

CLICK HERE for explanation of the use of “ser.”



Pronunciation Review

CLICK HERE for an explanation of the sounds the letters make.  This is supplemental material to assist with a topic that will be covered in more detail during class.

CLICK HERE to be taken to a page that will help with pronunciation.

CLICK HERE to be taken to a page that will provide help with proper pronunciation.

CLICK HERE to be taken to my Quizlet page for assistance with pronunciation.

CLICK HERE to create your DUOLINGO account.



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