Coach Pratt’s Spanish Classroom Rules and Expectations

Classroom Rules:
1. Arrive to class with all needed materials (CHARGED CHROMEBOOK, paper, and pen or pencil).
2.Having Chromebooks, there will never be a need for use of cell phones in class unless I specifically say so!!! 
3. Remain seated throughout class.
4. Talk only when given permission or when the lesson requires it.
5. Ask to be excused only if it is an EMERGENCY.
6. Treat everyone with respect.
7. All food and drinks except water, MUST be disposed of BEFORE entering my classroom.

1. Students are to be seated and ready to work on their daily activity as soon as they arrive to class.
2. Students are not to close their materials or get up from their seats until the teacher dismisses them.
3. Stay on task. You should not be working on assignments from other
classes, reading a book, etc.
4. Complete all assignments to the best of your ability.

Consequences for breaking rules:
1st time will be a verbal warning as well as a written warning.
2nd time will result in a call home, a written assignment, as well as a written warning.
3rd time will result in a referral.

Class time is for studying and learning, therefore. . .
1. I will speak Spanish as often as I can.
2. I will make my best effort to be in my seat the entire class period.
3. I will listen and I will follow instructions with a smile.
4. I will be calm and quiet at all times.
5. I will use my cell phone ONLY when the teacher allows.
6. I will bring my Spanish materials.
8. I will always respect others and myself.
9. I will raise my hand for permission to speak or leave my seat.
10. I will follow the procedures for ending class. The teacher gives me permission to leave, not the bell.

Course Objective:
Communication: Use the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
Culture: Gain knowledge and understanding of the Hispanic culture.
Connections: Make connections with other subject areas.
Comparisons: Develop insight into the nature of language and culture by comparing the student’s own language and culture to another.
Communities: Participate in communities at home and around the world by using Spanish.

Homework Policy:
Late homework will not be accepted unless there are special circumstances that are approved by the teacher. If the student is going to be out on the day the homework is due please make arrangements to turn it in early when practical. If you are out, you are still responsible for any online assignments that are posted for you to complete. All completed assignments done on your Chromebook MUST be submitted to me via the source used for the assignment. If the actual assignment cannot be submitted, you must submit verification of completion.

To be successful in this class:
1. Write down all assignments and homework as well as due dates in your notes daily.
2. Check my blog at prattc.wonecks.net – The website will be a great resource for you as I will put up the agenda for the week with the homework assignments. There will be useful resources for you to utilize that will allow you to practice your Spanish language skills.
3. Take risks. Do not be afraid to speak or make mistakes- that is one of the best ways to improve your Spanish.
4. Take time to study every night: Make flashcards for your vocabulary words to help you study. Learning Spanish requires constant practice. Spending at least 20 minutes per night will help you memorize vocabulary words and be successful in Spanish class.
5. Ask for help: Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns or to set up an appointment for additional help. YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES!!! Do NOT be afraid to make mistakes. I am more interested in you showing a true effort than being perfect.

If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get any missed work. This can be done by first, checking GOOGLE CLASSROOM. If you are unable to find the correct information, then you should ask a fellow student. Upon return, you should verify accuracy by asking the teacher. You should also get any notes you missed from a trustworthy classmate or any supplemental notes I provide on my GOOGLE CLASSROOM notes page.

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